Is Your Technology Working for You?

Is your in-house IT stuck in a rut? Are they moving forward with new technology or are they simply maintaining status quo? Tech Tripp provides technology, telecommunication, network and security consulting services to a wide variety of clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. The Tech Tripp team offers you the expertise required for effective applications of technology. We combine leading edge knowledge of information systems software and hardware with specialized industry expertise to ensure practical, comprehensive solutions to your business needs.

Is Your Technology Moving Forward?

Business today depends on technology as never before – to drive transformation, productivity and global operations. Any technology initiative not tightly linked to specific, measurable business goals risks delivering an empty promise. Let’s face it, you can’t get away from technology each day it subsumes more and more of the world around us. With technology ever-changing and ever-growing getting lost in the thick of it is quite easy. That’s where Tech Tripp consulting comes in. We help you wade through the endless possibilities and put together comprehensive and cohesive technology plans that are based upon driving business growth and creating more efficient processes that contribute to the ultimate goal of any business – making more money by increased productivity! By combining technical knowledge and business savvy with our full range of IT services, we’re able to assess complex situations, devise effective solutions, and implement them for you quickly and cost effectively.

Consultants are called in for a variety of reasons.

Here are just a few:

  • To gain external, objective advice and recommendations
  • To gain access to the consultants’ specialized expertise
  • Temporary help during a one-time project where the hiring of a permanent employee(s) is not required or necessary
  • To outsource all or part of the IT services from a specific company

The four basic principles to IT consulting are:

  • Focus on the relationship: Understanding the personality and expectations of client, client organization and all other stakeholders
  • Clearly defined role: Defined roles and responsibilities for both clients, other stakeholders and the consulting team.
  • Visualize success: Helping the client see the end at the beginning.
  • You advise, they decide: Ultimately the decision lies with the client after the options have been laid out. The client is the best person to make the final decision relying upon the advice and recommendations of the technology consultant.

If you are in need of a technology consultant in the greater Tampa Bay area we encourage you to give Tech Tripp a call. We will work hard to provide you with accurate and detailed information about your information systems.