Internet Health Report – Useful ISP (Backbone) Status Web Page

Ever notice degradation in speed or latency with your ISP? Wonder if the issue is isolated or widespread?

One of the first outside network sources we check is the Internet Health Report posted over at

Here they record and chart the latency and connection history between every major ISP / backbone. The providers include: AT&T, CenturyLink, Cogent, Level3, NTT, Savvis, SBC, Sprint, Verizon, and XO.

  • The Keynote Internet Health Report, which delivers up-to-the-minute metrics on overall Internet performance, monitoring availability and latency between major Tier One backbones.
  • Performance and availability metrics for several Keynote Indices. (A Keynote Index is a carefully defined set of measurements covering leading Web sites in specific industry sectors.)
Internet Health Report

Key features include:

  • View aggregated data in clear table-based view, with color-coding to indicate performance against customizable thresholds.
  • Drill down to any level of data detail, and to view trends in customizable charts.
  • Mouse-over popup dialogs show the complete set of measurement values for each data element, and any data value can be shown in a trend chart spanning a variety of time periods.
  • Point and click selection allows drilling-down on specific data, stepping through the sequence of grouping until raw data is shown in a chart. Many aggregated views of data are supported including all metrics for all locations, all metrics for all destinations etc.
  • Custom charts can be created to help you visualize your data.
  • Custom reports allow specific data views to be generated and emailed at scheduled intervals.
  • Events allow the storage and retrieval of historical data for subsequent investigation; this is like freezing the current view so that it does not update and allowing a user to view the frozen data later.

Check it out at

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