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Launch Website

The Challenge

Air Sports Watch contacted Tech Tripp after their website had already been designed by another agency. They were in need of a punctual, skilled web development team that could handle their maintenance needs. They were also 2-3 months from launching their brand new product: The Air Sports  Watch 2, which was the evolution of the wildly successful Original Air Sports Watch. ASW needed help and direction with Magento as well, which is the e-commerce platform that the site was originally built on. A final need was the creative acumen to develop all of the collateral and advertising pieces for the company, including product photography, product folders, tablecloths, sell sheets, trade show materials, and more.

The Solution

After assessing the full scope of Air Sports Watch’s needs, the Tech Tripp design team web development team made several improvements to the site, including adding more overall movement to a somewhat static site, improving the overall look and feel of the site with some fresh new graphics, and applying a few navigational and layout changes to help increase conversion rates. The team developed and implemented a special 360 degree rotator tool that would allow users to spin the watch a full 360 degrees and view feature points from all angles. The team also made several adjustments to the shopping cart layout in order to smooth out the flow of the cart and reduce shopping cart abandonment. From a design perspective, the design team designed several pieces for Air Sports Watch in order to support the full product launch in April 2012.