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Launch Website

The Challenge

As one of the premier Med-Spa’s in the Tampa Bay Area, DayGlo Med Spa came to Tech Tripp in need of an updated website with back end functionality. With daily and monthly specials, new services added on a regular basis, and new products available in their online store, the team at DayGlo needed a functional website that looked great, but was also very easy to update behind the scenes. They needed a specific area to prominently feature their product specials on the site that was easy to edit and update as well. The overall design of the site needed to fit the culture of their company, which was fresh and inviting.

The Solution

In order to accomplish the goals that DayGlo Med Spa had set for us, the team at Tech Tripp started the project purposing to strike a balance between functional and aesthetically-pleasing. The design team crafted a layout that featured the specials, and a major image rotator at the top of each page, which gave DayGlo the ability to support their ever-changing specials easily. On the back end, the development team built the site on the Joomla CMS. With the entire site built on Joomla, DayGlo is able to easily edit the site’s content, updating specials, site information, the menu, and much more.