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Launch Website

The Challenge

Attorney Doug Greenberg was in need of an improved web space that reflected his aggressive commitment to the defense of his clients in the Tampa Bay area. As with many law-related sites, Attorney Greenberg desired a site where there were several ways for potential clients to contact him, including Live Chat, Contact Forms, Social Media, and Phone Numbers as well. Attorney Greenberg offers a Free Consultation to all of his potential clients, which he also wanted prominently featured on the site. It was important for Attorney Greenberg that his Case Results be easily found, and that his main services be featured in the header on each page of the site.

The Solution

From a design perspective, the Tech Tripp design team made it a point to give Attorney Greenberg a fresh, clean look for his new website. The graphics and overall look and feel of the site gave his presence a positive, uplifting vibe. This was important, as many of his potential clients that may be visiting the site are facing potentially difficult life circumstances. Tech Tripp’s design team went with a lighter, more airy color scheme to accomplish this goal. One of the keys of the design is the “CTA Bar” that runs along the bottom border of the main rotator of the site. This bar was specifically placed in the “prime real estate” on the site in order to give users easy access (wherever they are on the site) to several contact methods for Attorney Greenberg. Live Chat was developed and integrated into the site so that users could chat with Attorney Greenberg at any time regarding their personal situation.