Branding Photography Web

Launch Website

The Challenge

Attorney Haasch came to us in need of an updated web presence that would reflect her prominence as one of the premier personal injury attorneys in Central Florida. Those looking for an auto or motorcycle accident attorney approach that search in a very specific way. Usually having just come through a traumatic experience, accident victims are looking for an attorney with experience, that can act with knowledge of numerous past cases with similar circumstances. Attorney Haasch needed personal incjury clients to be able to find her quickly, and to know from the moment they landed on her site that they would be taken care of.

The Solution

Tech Tripp set out to design a clean, modern-looking site that would allow personal injury clients to quickly contact Attorney Haasch in the event of an accident or injury. Multiple points of contact were designed and coded into the site in order to encourage users to connect with Attorney Haasch. The Tech Tripp design team also worked with Attorney Haasch to create an entire section of the site to provide helpful tips, tricks, event photos and other information for the biker community. Attorney Haasch attends several motorcycle community events in the Tampa Bay area a year. Event photos are automatically syndicated from Attorney Haasch’s Picasa account to the Event Photos page on the website. Tech Tripp’s development team also built a Case Guide Tool that would allow users to quickly contact the firm. Attorney Haasch keeps active on Twitter and Facebook, which were both integrated prominently into the website.