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Launch Website

The Challenge

Renal Hypertension Center provides comprehensive, up-to-date date quality care with compassion and dedication for all patients with kidney disease. As a large practice with 11 practice locations, 10 dialysis centers, and affiliations with several hospitals in the central Florida area, RHC contracted Tech Tripp to develop a fresh new web presence for their growing practice. RHC needed to develop a new website that not only displayed pertinent information about the practice in an updated manner, but also allowed them to use the site to interact with patients and potential patients. RHC requested that the site be developed in a responsive design that would adapt to any mobile device or operating system. They also requested that the social media accounts for the practice be integrated into the site in a prominent way.

The Solution

The Tech Tripp design team set out to develop a strategic plan of action for RHC’s ┬ánew site. The team developed a fresh new design which included a modern, minimalist ethic. The site was designed in a fully responsive manner based on a fluid grid, which allows it to adapt on the fly to whatever environment it’s being viewed in. The new responsive fluid grid adjusts to any browser on any tablet, computer or mobile device. Live social media feeds were designed into the home page that auto update to show what RHC is doing across the social sphere. The Tech Tripp team also designed and implemented a full suite of social media icons and accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Doximity, and more. A HootSuite account was created and implemented for RHC so that they could easily manage all of their social media accounts from any device anywhere in the world.