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Launch Website

The Challenge

One of the leading eye care providers in St. Petersburg, FL, Shettle Eye Care, approached Tech Tripp with the need for an update to an outdated site. Specific requests from the company included a fresh new design, the ability to update the site with a CMS (content management system), an auto-updating date display, and many more features. As an eye doctor, Shettle Eye Care knew that many of their customers may be vision-impaired, so they requested that a custom “Text Resize” feature be installed on their site to allow users to adjust the text of the website on any page.

The Solution

With several custom requests to include in this website project, the Tech Tripp team set out to design a website with a beautiful base design that would allow the custom pieces that were requested to flow nicely with the overall layout. After the design was approved by Shettle Eye Care, the development team installed the site on the Joomla platform, allowing Shettle Eye Care to make updates to their site on an ongoing basis. The team coded the site, making it easy for the team at Shettle Eye Care to update pictures, text, and the site menu, all without needing our help. Both the date display and the custom font size options were designed and coded into the footer, so that they are always visible for Shettle Eye Care’s clients.