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Launch Website

The Challenge

The team at Tripp Law Firm needed a fresh update to an outdated site. The old site that the firm was using did an adequate job of displaying the firm’s information, but did not address user interaction or engagement. As a part of the project, the Tech Tripp web development team would need to address fresh new ways to engage potential firm clients immediately and aggressively without annoying or being pushy. For any law firm, engagement and CTA’s (Call To Action) are key, sometimes even more-so than in other areas of business. Attorney Alan Tripp wanted a site that was modern and clean, but also gave potential clients easy access to the helpful information that he provides on his site regarding personal injury cases in the Tampa Bay area.

The Solution

The Tech Tripp design team set out to create a modern design that stayed sleek and simple, while also featuring the Tampa, FL skyline, since Tripp Law Firm is located in the Tampa Bay area. Attorney Alan Tripp was prominently featured in the design, and several Call-to-Action buttons were also placed in the header that shows on all pages, giving potential clients numerous ways to contact the firm in all areas of the site. Live Chat was developed and integrated with the site in order to allow the firm to take Live Chat requests 24/7. The service was customized to allow operators at the firm to take chats on their cell phones if they were out of the office, and for the firm to handle several chats simultaneously. Social media integration was enhanced from the old site, with a Facebook feed installed, and also a feature for Tripp Firm Racing, the Racing Division of Tripp Law Firm (design and development by Tech Tripp as well).