Plastic Surgeon Seeks Transition to Cloud Computing

I am pleased to recommend Jason Tripp and Tech Tripp. We recently used their consulting services for my medical practice when we converted to an Electronic Medical Record system last year. Our old server based system was on its last leg and we were faced with the possibility of purchasing a specialty specific EMR system run on a server which would have cost in excess of $50,000. Additionally we were looking at costly annual support and update fees. Jason gave us a better plan for using cloud based solutions and helped us find and integrate an industry leading free EMR software package called Practice Fusion. We were able to upgrade to all new Mac computers and still keep our total bill under 15,000. I know it sounds too good to be true, but the last six months have been a very smooth transition. Now it seams as though the whole world is converting to cloud based computing. It is clear to me now that we made the right choice. Jason is a highly intelligent and dependable consultant in a fast paced industry wheres far more valuable than following last years plan. Not only would I recommend him to a colleague – I already have.