Why Migrate to Office 365? Are You Late?

It’s almost 2017 and it’s almost certain that you have heard about Office 365? What exactly are the top reasons why your company should move to Office 365? Well, we could likely write an entire book on the many positive reasons but let’s stick with 3 for the sake of time – and we actually want you to read this post!

  1. Money – that’s right flexible and predictable costs! In the past organizations opted for one-off purchases of Microsoft Exchange as well as the other various Office productivity suites. As new employees were hired additional licenses were purchased and it could sometimes take weeks to get everything compliant. However, what happens if the employee leaves – what is 10 employees leave or better yet what if the company downsizes drastically? Well, you’re stuck! Microsoft would never allow a company to return the software license for a refund! The ROI will vary from one company to the next, depending on how many users you have, which Office 365 plan you choose, and what costs and expenses you can eliminate from switching to Office 365. However, every time the cost savings are there and they are almost always drastic.
  2. Always have the latest the greatest – never ever will your company fall behind using an old version of Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Office. Seriously, if you’re not on Office 365 what version of Microsoft Office do you currently use? Chances are it’s not the latest! Many organizations we see not on Office 365 are using versions as old as Office 2003! Keep in mind this is major security implications and many times there will be a hodge-podge of licensing so user interaction and consistency just isn’t there. With Office 365 you get every version – period. They call it software assurance – sort of like a insurance policy that always let’s you receive the benefits of the latest and greatest Microsoft software offerings.
  3. Productivity will increase – cross-platform support allowing all users to access their documents from PCs, Macs,iOS, and even Android devices. This becomes an increased benefit as more and more organizations are either issuing or allowing employees to use their own personal devices (BYOD – bring your own device). Don’t forget anytime/anywhere access to work generated with Office 2016 products. This is important in that it gives employees quick and easy access to work they’ve generated with Office 365 regardless of their location. Lastly the sharing and collaboration features of Office 365 are great.

Office 365 is the future of office productivity and collaboration tools. It is simply a matter of time before all of us are using it or something like it. The question each organization must ask is, when is the time right for us to make the switch? Whether you opt for the big leap to the cloud or the hybrid deployment option, Office 365 can help your organization increase productivity and manage costs. Let us help your company migrate to Office 365.


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