IT Support

Are you utilizing your technology solutions to the fullest?

Are your IT costs spinning out of control? Is downtime from your computers and other digital devices costing you precious time and company resources? We not only provide basic help desk response services to troubleshoot your simple IT needs, but also provide IT consulting, data backup and recovery, application hosting and more. We offer both on-site and remote support solutions staffed by knowledgeable associates who can solve your comuter related issues in a timely manner.

At Tech Tripp LLC we provide end-user IT support at an affordable rate. All too often IT companies come in over promising and under delivering. I’m sure you’ve been there before. The company offers blocks of hours or hard to understand service-level plans. Either way they spin it you still feel like you don’t get what you pay for. Tech Tripp offers a wide variety of billing models from hourly support billed in quarter increments to value added managed services. This is the best of both worlds. With Tech Tripp you know exactly what we did and when we did it. There is no more flying under the radar. Our incredibly detailed ticket and billing system integrate so that you know exactly what was done and when the work was performed.

When looking at IT service and managed service providers one must understand that systems do not run themselves. Backups must be monitored, storage must be reviewed and security must be analyzed. Simply letting your systems go will, contrary to many, not save you money. Here is an example, let’s say you had an IT provider come and setup new servers and workstations in January. You never entered into any contracts and the IT provider simply installed the equipment and went on his way. Well, one night your network attached storage for backups throws a RAID failure. You don’t know what that is nor were you notified and as a result you simply continue on your way. As time goes a second drive fails in the array. Meanwhile, everything else is working like you think it should. Fast-forward a week and a user downloads a virus due to a non-centrally managed AV that wasn’t properly updated and it just so happens this virus spread due to a Windows exploit that was not properly patched. You scramble to figure out what to do and you start making phone calls. One of those calls might be to us. (We’ve been in this situation many times). We get onsite and you ask us to restore the corrupted files from the backup. We logon to the server and explain that no backups have been done in 4 weeks. You think, that’s impossible, everything has been running. Now you sit there with 4 weeks worth of lost work. Question, how much does that cost your business?

We offer the following IT Support Services:

  • 24 Hour On Site Support
  • 24×7 Remote Systems Monitoring and Alerting
  • Agreed Response and Resolution Times (SLA)
  • Backup Management and Maintenance
  • Configuration Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Desktops & Peripherals
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Managed IP Address Management
  • Managed Remote Access
  • Managed Wireless LAN (WLAN)
  • Network Management and Maintenance
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Hosted phone systems sales, implementation and management
  • Printer Maintenance and Repair
  • Remote Helpdesk Services / Remote Support
  • Remote Monitoring 24/7×365
  • Secure Messaging / E-mail (HIPAA Compliant with BAA available)
  • Remote Anti-Virus & Spam Management
  • Colocation Services (data center)
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed VPN / IP-VPN (IP Sec, SSL)
  • Managed Server Service
  • Hosted IP-PBX & Applications
  • Managed IP-PBX & Applications
  • Managed Router Service
  • Managed VoIP Service

Tech Tripp LLC offers quality IT Support specializing in on-site / off-site network repair and desktop support for the entire greater Tampa Bay area. We offer the area’s best and most affordable rates for all your server and desktop repair and network consulting needs including hardware repairs, virus removal, data recovery, and much more.

An Industry Leader

As one of the top leaders in the industry, our team of techs provide fast on-site or remote services anywhere in the greater Tampa Bay area. Our team of techs have a combined experience of over 30 years. We have been providing the greater Tampa Bay area with excellent on-site and remote support and repair to hundreds of satisfied clients. If you are ready to experience true piece of mind when it comes to your network systems and end-users please give Tech Tripp a call today.