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Cloud Computing

From Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services we design, build and manage IaaS platforms. Like other cloud offerings, IaaS takes advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud to deliver infrastructure, with tangible benefits for enterprises. IaaS allows cloud adopters to choose when, how, and what computing resources to consume and to scale up or down as demands change, drastically reducing time to market.


Is your in-house IT stuck in a rut? Are they moving forward with new technology or are they simply maintaining status quo? Tech Tripp provides technology, telecommunication, network and security consulting services to a wide variety of clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. The Tech Tripp team offers you the expertise required for effective applications of technology. We combine leading edge knowledge of information systems software and hardware with specialized industry expertise to ensure practical, comprehensive solutions to your business needs.

Cyber Security

Navigating the ever changing modern vulnerable IT landscape is not an easy task. Business must constantly evolve to ensure their efforts to protect their core systems are successful. Identifying security challenges and coming up with viable solutions to safeguard their IT infrastructure is a must for any business.

IT Support

Are your IT costs spinning out of control? Is downtime from your computers and other digital devices costing you precious time and company resources? Our IT support and help desk services are 100% staffed in the USA. All too often IT companies come in over promising and under delivering.

Managed Services

Whether it be optimization, security, or monitoring, our managed services plans allow you to focus on your core business throughout each day. Today’s business owners are tasked with having to monitor multiple business processes and make hundreds of decisions on a daily basis. Delegation of the IT infrastructure to a qualified managed services provider allows you to get back to the core of running your business.

Network Design

A poorly designed IT network can cost you precious dollars that could otherwise be used to stimulate business growth. The importance of utilizing experienced network technicians with knowledge in the design of effiecient networks is imperative to a healthy, growing firm. Whether you are opening up a new local business location, expanding your current facilities, or just redesigning an out of date existing network, our team of engineers can meet with you at your location and show you how a correctly designed network can save you time and money. Many networks are unnecessarily and overly complicated and do not include the proper redundancy and high-availability. A overly complicated network increases costs and potential failure downtime.

VoIP Cloud PBX

Do you desire enterprise grade quality and features at small-business costs? Well look no further than a hosted cloud-PBX system. The days of purchasing expensive in-house PBX phone systems is coming to a close. We provide 100% hosted environments with industry leading uptime. Our core providers are hosted in Tier 1 facilities with redundant connectivity to the nation’s leading carriers.

Customer Testimonials

“I have been a customer of Tech Tripp for over 7 years now. I have tried numerous IT company’s and had problem after problem. A large local attorney group recommended Jason and his team to me. I had a meeting with them and they sat down and explained to me in great detail of what would be best for our offices after they reviewed our current systems. They have been an amazing company who is always there when you need them. I would 100% recommend them to any business in need or looking to change companies.”

Doctor / Owner (Multi-location Clinical Practice)

“Jason and his team are top notch. I no longer worry about whether my data is getting backed up properly, or if a hacker could take us down for days, weeks or worse. If you’re tired of feeling like just another account with your current IT guy, you owe it to yourself to talk to Jason and make sure that everything that should be done, is being done. Chances are, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised with what he finds, but better to find out now and do something about it than wait until it is too late and your business suffers.”

Partner (Tampa Law Firm)

“As a healthcare small business, Tech Tripp helped us on-ramp several processes from app development, HIPAA / patient compliance, as well as data processing and information management. It was extremely nice working with a provider who is able to develop, manage and consult every aspect of our business. Tech Tripp was easy to work with and we were fortunate to establish a working relationship with them at the beginning of our incorporation. We highly recommend their team and services!”

Chief Operating Officer (National Health Care Services)

“Tech Tripp is the best IT company I have dealt with. I highly recommend them and will continue using their services.”

Business Owner (Professional Services)

“Jason and Tech Tripp have been handling our IT administration for over 10 years, including server administration, network administration, design, web, etc. They provide unparalleled service, both intellectually and ethically. I have referred many business associates and friends to Tech Tripp, all have had the same experience. At no point have I ever felt that they have tried to sell me a service, software or hardware upgrade that was unnecessary. I highly recommend Tech Tripp!”

COO / Marketing Director (Law Firm)

“Working with the Tech Tripp team has taken the worry out of the day to day monitoring of our I.T. systems. They have offered real world solutions to our problems while keeping efficiency and cost savings in mind. They are always available and are often able to spot a problem and have it resolved before the office even opens. I would highly recommend Tech Tripp to companies both large and small.”

Partner / Shareholder (Law Firm)

“Jason at Tech Tripp was employed by my office for several years before going into business for himself. During a transition period we did try another IT guy and it was a disaster.

Luckily Jason was able to come back and get our computer systems back on track. Tech Tripp has always been very courteous and professional with me and my staff. Tech Tripp is always fair and their prices are very reasonable. I know Tech Tripp would never overcharge me or inflate the bill. I’ve worked with Jason at Tech Tripp long enough to basically give him carte blanche regarding decisions involving our IT systems.”

Attorney / Partner (Law Firm)

“All of our computer, technical and security needs are handled by Tech Tripp, the one that can do it all. Whenever I have any technical issues Tech Tripp is my go to source.

Let’s face it, in life you don’t have to know how to do everything – especially when it comes to tech; you just have know the one to call who does! For technology in the Tampa Bay area Tech Tripp is my provider and should be yours too!”

Business Owner (Tampa Bay Retail)

Why TechTripp

Tech Tripp LLC is a full-service technology company serving the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas with managed technology services, cloud computing services, server management, IT support, consulting, cyber security services, network design implementation and management.

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We have been serving businesses in the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years. From full vCIO/CTO, managed services, cloud computing, server management and IT support our team is adept at crafting efficient and successful solutions that are custom-designed for each business.

Transform your business IT for the better. Guaranteed.

We speak in easy to understand English just like you. No time or need for complicated tech acronyms and hard to follow technical jargon. We know how to get right to the point and clearly explain the situation and what we will be doing to fix it. We are always here for you and will ready to help.

As Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simplyyou don't understand it well enough."

We are 100% confident in our skill and ability that we are the #1 choice for managed services, consulting, network design and cyber security services in the greater Tampa Bay area. See why so many business choose Tech Tripp for their information technology needs.

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