Why TechTripp

Tech Tripp LLC is a full-service technology company serving the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas with managed technology services, cloud computing services, server management, IT support, consulting, cyber security services, network design implementation and management.

We managed your IT so you can manage your business!

We have been serving businesses in the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years. From full vCIO/CTO, managed services, cloud computing, server management and IT support our team is adept at crafting efficient and successful solutions that are custom-designed for each business.

Transform your business IT for the better. Guaranteed.

We speak in easy to understand English just like you. No time or need for complicated tech acronyms and hard to follow technical jargon. We know how to get right to the point and clearly explain the situation and what we will be doing to fix it. We are always here for you and will ready to help.

As Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simplyyou don’t understand it well enough.”

We are 100% confident in our skill and ability that we are the #1 choice for managed services, consulting, network design and cyber security services in the greater Tampa Bay area. See why so many business choose Tech Tripp for their information technology needs.

Technology changes rapidly. Keep up or be left behind. Don’t let your competition have an advantage!