Monthly Archives: May 2013

VMware Keeping up with Hyper-V and Azure with New IaaS Service

VMware finds a way to wring more cash out of virtualization customers. VMware today unveiled its first public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud product, putting the virtualization software vendor into direct competition with Amazon Web Services. When combined with its in-house software, VMware’s cloud also provides an alternative to the virtualization/cloud synergy Microsoft is trying to achieve with Hyper-V,… Read more »

Microsoft Confirms Windows 8.1 Update

You’ve all heard about Windows 8. It’s reception was not as great as Microsoft would have hoped. This was mostly a result of the updated Start Menu as well as new cleaner Metro Interface. Well, Microsoft has been listening to the complaints and we are glad they did. Windows 8 has many powerful new features… Read more »

Windows Azure is the Future

This was the week where Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service. More than a simple declaration of production-grade availability, Microsoft’s announcement about its IaaS platform delivered the strongest possible elaboration of its intent to compete head to head with Amazon Web Services in the IaaS space to date. MSPs, IT service… Read more »