Massive Data Centers

From Microsoft to Google, Time Warner to Hitachi’s new “Green” data center in Yokohama, Japan, companies have massive data centers that work behind the scenes to deliver the world with the fastest, most energy efficient data processing systems. IBM, for example, operates eight million square feet of data center space on six different continents. Here […]

Hosted Antivirus

Is Your Antivirus Good Enough? Tech Tripp regularly reviews antivirus programs and finds that many do not hold up to the claims that they make. After much searching and testing we found a solution that provides the customer with the lowest total cost of ownership by harnessing the power of the cloud. That solution is […]

Offsite Data Backup

Choose The Best Offsite Data Backup Provider At Tech Tripp, LLC we are always looking out for our client’s best interest. As your Managed Service Provider (MSP) / IT Solutions Provider we strive to be cutting edge but always cost conscientious. While there are literally hundreds of online backup providers, none can provide the level of […]