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ADFS, DirSync, Azure AD Connect? What’s the Best Way to Connect On-Premise AD to Office 365?

So maybe you are planning an Office 365 deployment, knee deep already or you want to connect your already deployed Office 365 tenant to your on-premises Active Directory environment. What’s the answer for password and directory synchronization? DirSync used to be the defacto standard for easy quick Office 365 and Active Directory Sync without the hassle of… Read more »

Install Office 365 Professional Plus on Remote Desktop Server (RDS)

Since the second half of 2014 Microsoft released support of Office 365 ProPlus in an RDS/TS environment. This installation technique uses the ODT tool to perform a Shared Activation. Shared Computer Activation is enabled during the installation of Office 365 ProPlus using the Office Deployment Tool. Once enabled, Office installs without being activated. When a user signs… Read more »

Convert EOP On-Premise to Office 365 Hosted Mailboxes

Many organization utilize Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for their on-premises Exchange mail scrubbing and filtration. The question becomes, what to do when you want to transition your EOP from on-premise and convert to cloud only mailboxes. The answer might surprise you. 1. Pointed MX back at on premises server. Waited 2 hours. 2. Disabled Standalone… Read more »

Cloud-Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice Coming in 2014?

We are just days away from the 2014 Microsoft Lync Conference. Lync Conference is the premier worldwide gathering of the entire Lync community, coming together to learn, share and connect. With speakers drawn from the world’s top Lync and UC experts, including engineers from Microsoft, consultants from the MVP, and Partner communities, Lync Conference 2014… Read more »

Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting 2013 Reports that 440 Companies Came Back to Office from Google Apps

Office 365 is a force to be reckoned with. Touting a more robust document management solution and more enterprise like features (Lync) the team at Microsoft is excited to report in their latest financial analyst meeting 440 customers they won back in FY13. In August, Microsoft published a article on its official Office blog from some… Read more »

How to Manage Office 365 Using Powershell

Powershell is a great and powerful command line interface (CLI) that can be used to administer Office 365. If you are not already using Powershell to manage your Office 365 online account you are missing out on many features unavailable through the graphical user interface. Unfortunately, at this time Microsoft does not give out access… Read more »

Cloud Computing

Should You Move Your Data to the Cloud?  There has been much talk recently about “the cloud.” In a nutshell, the cloud is simply another name for the internet. Cloud computing has taken shape in a variety of ways. It can be networks, servers, applications, data storage and services – which the end user has… Read more »